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Drawing Buyers Into Your Home Through Proper Staging

Top things you can do to make your home more appealing WITHOUT spending a lot of money.

We often talk about how different a real property purchase is from buying personal property. There is a whole lot more paperwork to start with! 28414 Gibraltar Drive Castaic CA 91384However, there are also a few similarities. For example, if you’re selling your car, you do everything you can to make sure it looks its best in hopes of appealing to potential buyers.

Believe it or not, some sellers don’t subscribe to that same belief when selling their home, which can cause buyers to pass them by. A few minor touches can make the difference in convincing a buyer that your home is the right home.

Don’t I need to hire a professional staging service?

While professional home stagers and interior consultants can provide valuable information on exactly how to “stage” your home to make it more appealing, it’s not completely necessary. However, a good consultant can help to maximize the space and possibilities of your home in a buyer’s eyes.

If your budget doesn’t quite have room for a professional, you should still consider these tips before the door is open and the buyers come pouring through. Continue reading Drawing Buyers Into Your Home Through Proper Staging

5 Awesome Tips For First Time Home Sellers

If you’ve never sold a home before, here are a few ideas that can help you sell faster, and for more money.

In our last article, we tackled Five Awesome Tips For First Time Home Buyers. This time around, we’ll take a look at first time home sellers.Team Avalos Real Estate

The real estate market is constantly changing. Not only in how home prices rise or fall, but in how business is done. Selling a home provides a totally different perspective from buying a home. In some cases, the real estate market has changed drastically from the time a homeowner has purchased his or her home. Laws may have changed, as have contracts and addendums. In some cases, the market may even be a very different place than it was when you bought your home.

So here we go! Here are 5 awesome tips for first time home sellers. Continue reading 5 Awesome Tips For First Time Home Sellers