Study Shows Real Estate Agents Are Still Best Source For Buyers Searching For Homes

National Association Of Realtors Report Shows More Buyers Trust Agents To Help Find Home Than Any Other Source

A recent study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) shows that 87 percent of Real Estate Agents were viewed as a trusted and useful information source for buyersWhy it's important to use a real estate agent when searching for a home for sale. you used an agent when searching for a home.

The comprehensive report, titled 2013 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, detailed nearly all aspects of the real estate experience from the perspective of the home buyer and seller. The 120 page study also focused on the home search process, the buying and selling process, and real estate financing.

Why It Is Important To Use a Real Estate Agent When Beginning Your Home Search

It’s understandable that many potential home buyers are unsure of their goals when first considering purchasing a property. Unfortunately, so many go about it the wrong way when they do their best to avoid contact with a licensed real estate professional. The Internet has made it much easier for buyers to search anonymously, but in most cases, they may not know much (or anything) about the areas or neighborhoods where they are searching. Even worse, they haven’t begun the loan qualification process to assess their spending power.

As real estate professionals, we pride ourselves on taking the steps to find out exactly what our home buyers are looking for, and how much they can afford. Loan prequalification is the first important step toward home ownership. Remember, you can use any lender you choose. Never let a real estate agent tell you that you HAVE to work with his or her lender. Loan prequalification takes a relatively short time, and should not be confused with loan preapproval. The prequalification process only takes a few minutes with most lenders, and usually they can generate a letter for you to submit with your offer that lets the seller know you have the potential to purchase their home.

Loan preapproval is a bit more involved. That’s when you will be completing a full mortgage application, as well as providing to the lender the financial documents necessary to complete the process. While a loan prequalification can put a seller’s mind at ease, a preapproval puts you on much more solid ground when submitting your offer.

Getting back to the home search process, hiring a real estate professional first can save you a lot of time. While the Multiple Listing Service is a great place to start a home search (And yes, Realtors use them, too!), Team Avalos also has a network of other agents who have listings not yet available on the market. In many cases, we can get you into a home to preview before anyone else has seen it. Also, our extensive knowledge of the area can put your mind at ease when it comes to specific amenities, schools, commuter access points, and other important criteria you have when considering your home purchase.

Team Avalos is YOUR team when it comes to buying or selling a home. Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation so that we can show you why so many buyers and sellers have used us to help make their real estate dreams come true.

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