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Unlicensed “Agent” Commits Over 100 Counts of Real Estate Fraud

Why it is ALWAYS Important To Hire a Licensed, Professional Real Estate Agent

Even in what’s being called a real estate recovery, there are many distressed homeowners out there who may still be experiencing financial hardship or foreclosure of their Los Angeles County Sheriffhome by their mortgage lender.  Recently, a Van Nuys woman was indicted on a 36 count felony charge that includes grand theft and the recording of false and fraudulent documents while defrauding over 100 distressed homeowners.

Anna Moskovyan, 36, of Van Nuys used public records to target properties scheduled for tax lien sales by the Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector’s office. She would then forge grant deeds at the County office to transfer ownership from the rightful property owner(s) to herself. She would then file claims to receive the excess proceeds from the tax sale of the property, and pocket the profits.

Moskovyan would also record dozens of phony mechanic’s liens against the title of the property for contractor work that was never performed. She would then charge financial institutions to “clear” the liens.  Continue reading Unlicensed “Agent” Commits Over 100 Counts of Real Estate Fraud

Santa Clarita Real Estate Market Rebound in Full Swing

Homes are Selling in the Santa Clarita ValleyTeam Avalos Real Estate

It’s true what they’re saying about the real estate market: A recovery is at hand. Higher consumer spending , receding unemployment figures, record stock closings as well as double digit jumps in real estate values in many parts of the country are all great signs of a brighter economic future.

After years of sagging sales and a bottoming out of property values due in large part to what’s now being referred to as the “Great Recession”, we’ve seen a big jump in the Santa Clarita housing numbers.

According to, the average price per square foot for Santa Clarita properties has increased slightly over 15% from the same time last year. Loan applications, which were soft at the beginning of this year, are gaining in volume as buyers come out in force to take advantage of the market with historically low interest rates. With this overall gain in property value, many homeowners once upside-down on their mortgage are once again seeing a return of equity. Continue reading Santa Clarita Real Estate Market Rebound in Full Swing